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Remembering Clarksville's finest, Dan Hanley

“I see us as a big ‘ol jigsaw puzzle. We have all these pieces that are moving together in a way I think will culminate as a city we have yet to envision. You look around today…and it’s happening!”

These inspiring words were spoken by a remarkable man that all of us at Huneycutt would like to honor and pay tribute to at this time. Our mentor, Mr. Dan Hanley himself, spoke these very words just a few weeks before his passing on May 17, 2021.

Many of you may be familiar with Dan Hanley, who was well known in Clarksville for his immeasurable contributions as a builder, designer, artist and writer. Dan drew up many architectural plans for builders in Clarksville and his work can be seen nearly everywhere you look, including in many of the homes that Huneycutt has constructed throughout the area.

During his lifetime, Dan truly left his mark on so many of us. But his impact on the owners and founders of Huneycutt LLC is truly beyond measure.

During a recent interview, Amanda Huneycutt explained that her and her husband Eric first became acquainted with Dan through a mutual friend due to an issue they were having on a housing project in downtown Clarksville. At first, Dan came into the picture to help them solve the problem. But over time, their business relationship evolved into a deeper friendship.

“On a personal level, it’s more of how he helped my husband,” Amanda said. “Dan was such a wonderful mentor to him. Personally, and business wise; but he also gave him such inspiration, he gave him so much wisdom.”

Dan had a lengthy list of accomplishments, but he remained humble despite them. He was the Executive VP of Fox Ridge Homes and was a member of the National Association of Home Builders. He was a frequent speaker at the NAHB’s conventions and was also awarded the Institute of Residential Marketing designation. Additionally, he had served on the MSUMC Board of Trustees and the Customs House Board of Directors.

Dan’s wealth of knowledge particularly made an impact on Eric, as he worked to develop and expand his growing business. Eric greatly valued many of Dan’s best qualities, including his integrity and wisdom. He also gained a great deal of knowledge due to Dan’s strong design and artistic capabilities.

“His artistic design – from start to finish it was very detailed,” Eric recalled during a recent interview.

As the years went by, Dan continued to remain involved with the Huneycutt’s housing projects throughout Clarksville and the surrounding area. As their relationship continued to grow, Amanda also became deeply inspired by Dan’s abilities.

“His expertise was something that many don’t have,” she explained. “He just had so much knowledge of what worked. I just really liked talking to him, and I liked hearing his thoughts.”

A Life Well Lived

Dan leaves behind his loving wife of 47 years, Jodie Hanley, as well as his cherished daughter Kerri. Dan was also blessed to have a granddaughter Aubrie, whom he adored. Dan and Aubrie shared a passion for art, as well as a love of fishing.

“They shared a common interest in art because Dan was a fine artist,” Jodie said. “He had a very keen sense of design. He helped her develop that skill.”

It was very apparent to others how much love Dan had for his family, and especially his granddaughter.

“He cherished every moment with his granddaughter,” Amanda remarked. “He truly worshipped the ground that she walked on.”

In addition to his deep love for his family, Dan was passionate about his hometown. Dan was born and raised in Clarksville, and he took great pride in doing his part to give back to the city that he was so fond of.

“Dan was very community and civic minded and did a lot of work for the community, as well as sharing his talent as an artist,” Jodie said. “He did a lot of paintings that were auctioned for benefits.”

In fact, Dan was so generous with donating his artwork that Jodie does not have many of his original paintings left in her possession. She was kind enough to share several photographs of her husband’s work, which are featured in this article.

“He was huge into art,” Amanda commented. “He painted, he drew. He had artwork all over his house. He was amazing.”

It seems fitting that Eric and Amanda’s final gift in honor of Dan was a watercolor drawing of the last project that the trio had worked on together. After his passing, Amanda decided to have a painting made of two duplexes that had recently been built on Charlotte Street. Unfortunately, Dan was never able to see the finished project, but the painting now hangs on the wall of his home for his wife and family to enjoy.

The water color the Huneycutt's had made in honor of the Charlotte Street design Dan Hanley created.

“Dan enjoyed working with them so much, because they are visionaries and they are doing a great job with what they’re doing in Clarksville,” Jodie remarked.

Needless to say, Eric and Amanda were equally inspired by Dan. Through the years, they often relied on Dan’s wisdom and advice as they worked on different projects throughout the area. They looked to him as a mentor, and today, they value the lasting legacy that he has left behind.

“He definitely left a mark on Clarksville,” Eric said fondly.

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